Monday, August 07, 2006

Never Enough Time

So here it is...With all the effort I can muster...I find that there is never the time to do all that I hope to do with my life. Blogging sounded like such a great idea but where do we find all the time necessary to do all this reading, and reflecting and writing to keep up the posting every day? Being a dad and a husband and a friend and a neighbor and a brother and a son and a whatever other hat I can fit on my head hardly affords me the time to get it all done. But I find myself amazed at all the volume that someone like Al Mohler can produce with all the hats that he wears.
It's after 11pm and Yetta is working like a mad woman to finish our birthday gift for her mother. Karen turns 60 this month. Our oldest Fiona is ailing with something that might look like pneumonia. Our youngest Abby cannot stop touching Fiona, kissing Fiona, climbing on Fiona, poking Fiona, chasing Fiona, stepping on Fiona, and taking anything from Fiona. Fiona for her part only appreciates Abby about 12% of the time.

We are adopting from Uganda! It will still be some time before we are in the final stages but we have been approved on all levels and are just waiting for a baby to be assigned to us. Amani Baby Cottage is the orphanage from which we will be adopting. My sister Abby and her husband Aaron are also adopting from the same place which is a great joy for us all. We will have Ugandan cousins to grow up with.

Pastor Steve Severence from Placerita Baptist recently asked me if Yetta and I were praying together regularly. I had to confess that we were not. I am always thankful for Pastor Steve because he doesn't hesitate to challenge in such a loving way. I was encouraged to demonstrate my love for the Lord and my love for my wife by praying for her and with her everyday. We haven't yet arrived but breaking long time habits of not praying together takes time. I am just thankful that we have a gracious God who brings gentle persuasion our way (sometimes in the form of Pastor Steve.)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kicking Things Off Right

A Merry Christmas and Happy New year. On our 3rd Christmas together Yetta and I remembered fondly our first Christmas as the Garwoods. It was just two years ago but so much has happened since. Now, a new appartment and a second child later, here we are. The providences of God are many making them hard to catalogue. But that is my task in the opening weeks of January 2006. I don't want to forget what God has taught us through this year. From Hospital stays to surgeries and helicopter rides God has been faithful to us in so many ways.
Praise the Lord forever! Posted by Picasa