Friday, February 29, 2008

Our Baby BOY!!!!!!

Yes! We got the call today about our UGANDAN BOY! Praise God for his wonderful grace to give us a baby boy. Right now his name is Hunter Birungi. We have not decided on his name yet but think Hunter is a great name. I think we would like to see more pictures first. We think we have seen one but we want to confirm with the orphanage that it is him before we post his picture. But pictures are coming soon!

Here is what we know about him so far-

He is about 19 months old.
He is learning how to walk.
He loves milk and does not like water.
He is healthy.
He weighs just a little over 17 pounds.
He has 10 teeth.
He is VERY easygoing, self-entertaining and introverted.
He is very handsome.
He only has a few words right now-the words he hears every day-like “Auntie” and “Uncle” and lots of babble.
Hunter also likes to sing everything he says!

When we heard that he likes to sing everything he says we knew he was truly ours and a GARWOOD!!!! It is so like us and our girls.

It has been such a joyful day with many tears as we think of all that God is doing. He is the first boy to carry on the Garwood name to the next generation! We are very excited!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Meeting the DODGERS!

Yesterday we had a great day. We went down to Pasadena for lunch at the Panda Inn. This was one of the stops on the Dodger's two day caravan through out Los Angeles. They served us lunch and took tons of pictures, signed autographs and gave out hats to all of us. It was great to meet my favorite players, James Loney and Nomar Garciaparra! We also got to meet pitchers Brad Penny and Kuroda, Andre Either and Dodger legends Bobby Castillo and Kenny Landreaux. The girls met Tommy Lasorda and he asked them to kiss him on the cheek! It was such a fun time. Abby yelled over to James Loney several times and when we were leaving the girls said goodbye to them all and said see you later Dodgers! It was so cute!