Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hunter's Second Birthday Part 2

It's Hunter's birthday today. Once Yetta realized that we didn't have anyone's phone numbers to call and wish him a happy Birthday she found herself in tears. I pulled out my trusty Moleskine journal and asked Yetta for the phone card number. She said, "Why" Who are you going to call?" I said, "Abdulla." She said, "Who's that?" I said, "a taxi driver." She though, "(I am not sure what she thought but maybe something like, "How in the world is calling a taxi driver in Uganda going to help?")." So I call him. After he answers, I tell him who I am and he remembers me. I asked him for Danyne's phone number and he ended up passing the phone to a woman in the cab. She said, "Hello." I ask who she is and it turns out that it's Debbie from Amani who happens to be in Kampala on her way to the equator in Abdulla's cab. She gave me the phone number for Andrea who is filling in as nurse while Souixanne is away. We were able to call Andrea and sing happy birthday to Hunter and talk to him. He was able to talk some gibberish back to us. Yetta even woke the girls to say Happy Birthday.

God is good whether or not we got to talk with Hunter this morning but we are so thankful to the Lord that He worked it out for us to get to talk with Hunter on his birthday.

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