Sunday, August 03, 2008

Croatia and Beyond

After much preparation Team Croatia arrived in Zagreb without incident. We met at Grace Church at midnight to get all the luggage weighed and organized. Some, deep down inside there hears, questioned to need to meet at midnight for a flight that departed at 6:15 AM from LAX. Those questions proved unwarranted. By 2am we were on our way to Denny's for a earl, early breakfast joined by our newly wed friends the Kricks. After Rich Downer graciously deposited us at terminal 7 we hoped in line, checked out bags and boarded our plane to Chicago. From Chicago to Munich was a very fast flight. Munich to Zagreb was even faster. Kris Brackett and Todd Dick were there to fetch us an take us back to their respective homes. Tom, Jessica F., Susannah and Mark said goodbye to Keith, Jason, Doug and Jessica Y. and headed for Krapina with the Bracketts.

Once at the Brackett's we took a short drink and snack break, after which we started loading up the van with all the camp supplies. We drove to the new church facility. I like it. It's a bit cooler than the previous location. The landlord seems to be much nicer. We met up with Momir at the church and pulled the rest of the camp supplies together and loaded the van and trailer so that they would be ready for this afternoon when the advance team departs to make camp ready.

We four American STMers were guests at Misko's home for dinner. As dinner wound to a close I couldn't keep my eyes open. Kris took the girls to Vestna's home in Zabok and dropped Mark and I at the Brackett home. I took a nap and shortly after waking up I want to me room to sleep. I awoke at 4am and spent the morning revewing me message.

We went to church her in Krapina this morning. I preached out of John 15 about Jesus the Vine. Misko translated. It was a great service.

After church Mark and I joined the Bracketts for lunch while Jessica headed down to the sea early with Veastna to pick up Vestna's daughters and neices and bring them to camp.

Kris just left to take Mark to the church. Mark will join Momir and his family along with Antune to go ahead and set up camp.

I think I will go take a nap

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