Monday, September 29, 2008

What I did not expect

Two Weeks:

God is so good and we are so thankful for our little Hunter. He has been home for two weeks and it has been a blast. We have had so much fun with him and the girls are really enjoying him. Abby thinks she is the mama and wants to do everything for him; change his diaper, dress him, etc.  Fiona had a harder time at first but this morning when he got up she wanted to talk to him and play with him.  


I expected the diapers and I expected people to stare and ask odd questions.

Something I didn’t expect: people touching him and how enamored they would be with him. It is really quiet strange. Strangers touch him. They don't ask, they just touch.....bizarre. Nothing like this happened with the girls.  


Saturday at the YMCA waiting to sign the kids up for swim lessons, the guy next to me pulled out his keys to entertain Hunter.  No problem. But then he reached over to take him. He didn't ask or say anything. I held Hunter and said, “No.”  The man was shocked and asked, “Why?” I wanted to say, “Because you are a stranger and I don't know you.” but instead I was sweet and explained that he had only been home a week or so and only mama and daddy are holding him right now until he gets used to us.  

Sunday was an even stranger moment. We took the kids to the aquarium. I was playing with Hunter and Abby in front of the large tank waiting for Tom, Fiona and our friends to come down stairs. A couple approached me and asked to take a picture with Hunter. I said, “no.”  They were surprised and I just held him until they were done with their pictures. Now, Hunter is very handsome but still it is odd that a stranger would want a picture with him.   

The sermon in Crossroads (college group at GCC) was such a blessing Sunday. We need to have urgency with others to share the gospel. On the subway coming home from the aquarium a sleeping traveler woke up and asked me if Hunter was mine and where he was from. I explained that he was from Uganda. He said, “Oh, like Madonna?” I said, “I didn't know where she adopted her child from. Not like Madonna, no, more like Jesus.”  He looked at me puzzled and I explained what Jesus did for us. He then asked, “didn't that Angelina Jolie adopt too?” I said, “Yes, there are many children that are orphans in Africa that need mamas and daddies.” He then closed his eyes and went back to sleep.  I pray that our lives will constantly be a reflection of the love of Christ to adopt us as sons.  


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